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Exorcist Diary #124: Demon of Abortion Reveals Its Name

"Lucy" is possessed and being tortured nightly by the demons. They taunt her, mark her body with scratches and burns, claim that they own her, and often twist her bad leg, which is excruciating for her. Demons are merciless and relentless.

After a number of intense exorcism sessions, the demons were weakening. It seemed to me that they just might be weak enough to be compelled, by the power of Jesus, to reveal their names. Having their demonic names gives additional power to cast them out and suggests that the time of their exit is approaching.

So I demanded again and again and again: "Dicas mihi nomen tuum" ("Tell me your name"). This line is a direct quote from the traditional Rite of Exorcism. The demon resisted mightily. Finally, with great reluctance, it gave up its name, "Abyzou."

I looked it up. Several sources concur: Abyzou (also spelled Abizou, Obizu, Obizuth, Obyzouth, Byzou) is the name of a "female" demon in the Near East blamed for miscarriages and infant mortality.*

It made perfect sense. Sadly, Lucy had had an abortion. She sincerely repented, went to confession, and remained very contrite. While any and all sins are forgiven in the sacrament, this does not mean that associated demons are immediately cast out. Often, a time of purgation is necessary. Given the gravity of the sin and the resulting tragic child's death, it was going to be a fight to cast out this demon.

Abyzou taunted Lucy for having had an abortion. The demon told her she could never be forgiven. It played on her deep sense of guilt and attempted to drag her into the darkness of hopelessness and despair.

This is typical demonic behavior. Demons not only tempt you to commit sin but then if you do, they taunt you and shame you for doing so. We assured Lucy that her sin was truly forgiven and said a prayer for her baby. Lucy may also need post-abortion counseling and/or work with post-abortion healing groups.

In the midst of the session, one of the exorcists was inspired to hold up an icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The demon went into a huge convulsion. So, repeatedly we invoked Our Lady under this title and the demon convulsed every time the icon was held up.

The effectiveness of this holy image is no accident. The icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe reveals Mary as a pregnant woman and she is often invoked under this title for unborn children. Moreover, under her feet is a symbol of the moon and darkness, a reference to the devil. Juan Diego, upon whose tilma the image appeared, referred to her in his native language as: "Te Coatlazopeuh” – “she who crushes the serpent.”

An abortion is a grevious sin. But Lucy and all should know that there is a Divine source of healing and peace. We have a tremendous advocate in Our Lady of Guadalupe who treads upon Abyzou and brings God's healing. "Our Lady of Guadalupe, mystical rose, pray for us."

*Demons do not have physical bodies or gender so it is technically not a male or female.


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Absolutely, here is the link to the woman who makes them. It's an Etsy shop. It's 48 bucks but it's pretty unique and cool. She says on her site that she paints the original then reproduces it as a print but after putting it on the wood she paints and adds detail on top of that. It's got the neat aluminum stamped name plate on the bottom and also stamped plates around the sides. I love it and plan on being a return shopper.

Here's the link;

God bless you always for sharing your deep wisdom and love of God with us and may Jesus and Mary be with you always ❤️


Michael Marsh
Michael Marsh
Feb 12, 2021

Thank you for sharing your experience. Your words made me think on how we keep holy images within our homes as reminders of Gods presence, as well to live holy lives. It made me realize that the demonic images that appeared in my mothers photos, was the devils way of mocking the holy images in my home. I started to focus more on the unholy images rather than the holy. The devil is tricky. What you said about Jesus being your Lord and Master isn’t heard that much, even from us Christians both Catholics and Protestants. Sure, we claim Jesus as Lord, Savior and God, but rarely do we call Him Master. I’m with you on this, I as well…


It is annoying when evil tries to harris you through members of your family one way or another though.

One time at a separate apartment we lived in from both my earlier story and from the house I live in now myself and my wife awoke one night to our baby daughter crying in her crib. I went to check on her and as I entered the room this nasty, mocking, and demonic voice says "what's up soldier." My wife heard it from the other end of the baby monitor clear as day too. I was definitely started for a split second but then quite angry at it being in the babies room so I commanded it leave in the…


They are always there mocking and attempted to sow distrust in the Lord and his saving power. Perhaps they were attempting to place doubt in your heart over your mother's ultimate salvation.

No bother as you and the Priest said just discard their petty harassment. They've nothing better to do than go about being miserable and attempting to inflict they're pain on others. Fools. It's humorous to me that that haven't been stripped of their intelligence but in falling away from any thing that is good they have lost their wisdom. Therefore they go about playing dopey parlor tricks like the neighborhood clown.

May our full confidence in the Lord our God always provide us the wisdom to see through…


Michael Marsh
Michael Marsh
Feb 12, 2021

Yesterday I showed a Priest some photos of my mom. Within many of her photos you could clearly see demonic images close to my mom. You wouldn’t have to squint, close one eye or put the photo under a magnifying glass to see these demonic images- they were plain to see. This particular Priest once took part in an exorcism in Colombia. He clearly saw the demonic image, and he advised me to stop looking at them. Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes. Such a great day for confession. The Priest that saw the demonic photos, is the Priest that heard my confession. He strongly advised me to get rid of all the photos, due t…

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