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Exorcist Diary #132: A Witch Reinforced

Annibale Carracci "Resurrection"

We had started to make some progress with the curses sent against A's family. After several weeks of sessions, the physical pains in the husband as a result of the curse were starting to abate-- a sign the witch was losing her grip over them. However, she still had occult knowledge of almost everything that transpired in the household and taunted them with it. As her power over them initially started to fade, I expected this to start decreasing soon as well.

Then the woman announced she was going to meet with a higher level witch. I suspected she was aware she was losing her grip and sought out more powerful assistance. The next session confirmed it: the husband's pains were back and worse than ever. It felt like we had started all over.

However, when we began the next session, I opened with the Umbrellino prayer as always. It is a prayer which protects the afflicted person from demonic reinforcements and isolates the demons tormenting the individual. We say it in the beginning of every session. This time, the husband instantly began coughing wildly and painfully. Clearly something was up!

Ah yes... This Umbrellino prayer, which we say almost perfunctorily, has an important function, especially in such cases. The witch had obtained the help of a more powerful witch and was calling in demonic reinforcements. The prayer was blocking the reinforcements, hence the coughing and hacking.

It's a battle. We will see this to its successful end and I know the Risen Jesus will triumph. In the meantime, the family is suffering terribly in many ways. From those who discern a call to do so: your prayers are requested!


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