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Exorcist Diary #137: No Love in Hell

Rembrandt, "Return of the Prodigal Son," c. 1667

The demons were screaming again and again, "Get him out of here!" They were not speaking about the exorcist, but about the possessed girl's father. In the midst of her torment, while torrents of evil were spewing from her mouth, the father told his girl how much he loved her. His loving words tormented the demons as much as the Rite, perhaps more so.

There is no love in hell. They can't stand it. I remember finishing up a particularly brutal exorcism some years ago. At the end, the possessed young woman was surrounded by her loving parents and very close friends. All loved her dearly and supported her throughout many painful and ugly months. At the end, the mother said, "You know why the demons finally left? They couldn't take her being surrounded by so much love."

Our team members sacrifice, fast and pray. Over the years we have become a tight-knit and well-trained exorcism team. But I am always grateful when someone who loves the afflicted person is also present. "More is wrought by love than by sacrifice."

There is no love in hell. That is all there is in heaven.


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