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Exorcist Diary #141: Servants of Satan

Hieronymous Bosch "Death and the Miser," c. 1490-1516.

I am always surprised when I encounter people who willingly give themselves over to Satan’s service. It is one thing to struggle with temptation and to fall into his grasp through sin. It’s another thing to willingly choose to follow him.

The Father of Lies would like nothing better. At Satan's own defection, he sought to be god and wants people to serve him. Thus he tempted Jesus, "All of these [kingdoms of the world] I shall give to you, if you will prostrate yourself and worship me" (Mt 4:9).

These past few weeks (see Diary #140), we have directly encountered a Satanic cult.* They have been recruiting followers by threats and coercion. They have been actively cursing and manipulating young women. We have been supporting one who is valiantly resisting. Several Satanists have been arrested, but there are more at large.

It is particularly disturbing to have confirmation of these cult members’ collaboration with Satan. They have hidden knowledge of their targets provided by demons, and they use it to harass and manipulate them. It is clear that their actions are ultimately being directed by high-ranking demons, whose tattoos and images are displayed prominently on their bodies and in their dwellings.

One of the arrested cult members claimed to be receiving "sexual favors" from a fallen prostitute in hell. Actually, this is not impossible. While demons do not have bodies and cannot have physical sex with people, they can manipulate people's minds and sexually stimulate them (see Diary #127).

Second, we have encountered witches who likewise have occult knowledge, levy curses, and torment people. They, too, are in league with Satan. They receive their hidden knowledge from demons who direct the witches’ actions, and make their curses potent.

Thirdly, our team has encountered two of Satan’s minions, unknown to each other, who traveled separately from other States to target a specific individual in our area. They clearly were on a specific mission from Satan and used their occult knowledge to find and harass a holy person who is a potent force in frustrating Satan's plans. About her, one of the demons exclaimed, “She is foiling our efforts!”

In each of these cases, Satan has specific targets in mind. He directs his minions to carry out his will and he empowers their evil actions by the help of lesser demons. So far, each of these efforts by those in Satan’s service has proved futile. The targeted individuals turned successful to the true God for help. Satan tempted and harassed, but Jesus saved.

But what of Satan’s servants? Will the King of Hell be grateful and reward them? Satan is a complete narcissist. He only does what serves him; there is no gratitude in him. He is also a sadist, and he derives pleasure from dominating, possessing and tormenting. Those who serve him on this earth may be promised great rewards but, in the end, all he can offer is pain, torment, and despair. He has nothing else to give.

Some have expressed incredulity at these revelations of Satan’s minions. I can only say that these are our direct experiences. As one object of a witch’s curses said to me, “I would never have believed it until I experienced it myself.” The family of the target of the Satanic cult is likewise stunned at the organized collaboration between demons and Satan's minions to attack them.

Personally, I am dismayed to encounter people who willingly subject themselves to the Prince of Darkness. How could they be so blind? For those who serve Satan, despite promises to the contrary, it will never end well.

*Sadly, this Satanic cult is located within the military. I have been told that the Church of Satan is a recognized denomination in the U.S. military. I do not think the Founders of our Nation had such in mind when they fought for religious liberty.


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