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Exorcist Diary #158: Satanic Images Tempt the Young

"Song of the Angels," detail, William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1825-1905, French

"K," a young woman, was recently liberated from being possessed, thanks be to God. But Satan suffers any defeat badly and is now trying to regain control. The formerly possessed need to be vigilant and live an exemplary life, not giving him an opening.

Recently, K turned off her computer and was leaving the room when an image spontaneously popped up on the screen. It was a suggestive photo of a pop music star. This pop star has admitted practicing magic and her music has enticing satanic sounding lyrics. Formerly, K was a devotee of her music. Satan knows our weaknesses and preys upon them.

I often get asked about the possible dangers of watching movies/tv shows positively portraying evil or witchcraft. Parents also ask about their children listening to heavy metal, black metal, or music laced with Satanic messages. Can someone get possessed doing so?

In recent years, several afflicted adolescents have come in with their parents for deliverance prayers. One commonality among them has been an attachment to such dark music and shows. Some of these demonically afflicted youths had gone so far as to put demonic tattoos on their bodies or take on a Goth look in makeup and clothing.

Our experience to date suggests that the mere fact of listening to such music or dressing in such a dark manner would not automatically result in being demonically oppressed or possessed. Rather, such behaviors were part of a larger, troubling picture.

Taking in dark music and shows were symptomatic of their overall decline into the dark world. Some of these young people were practicing magic, divination or other occult behaviors. Others joined groups involved in New Age spiritualities. The dark music and videos were feeding their minds with evil messages and strengthened their connection with the Evil One.

Satan's little computer trick of tempting K with her attachment to a troubled pop star should be a warning to the dangers of ingesting images from the dark world. As a psychologist, I understand adolescents wanting to rebel against the established society; there is much in our world which has gone awry. But our youth ought to beware of aligning themselves with the Evil One who led the original rebellion.

K wisely threw out her collection of the pop star's music and memorabilia. She learned the hard way of the tortured fruits of evil. For both young and old, we ought to fill our minds with images and messages that nurture the person we really want and are called to be.


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