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Exorcist Diary #159: Demons are Terrified

I was walking down the hallway of a deeply infested building with one of our most gifted spiritual sensitives. We were planning on exorcizing the building soon thereafter. She said to me, "I can hear them. They are crying out in fear." I asked, "Why is that?" She answered, "They know what you do."

In discussions about this ministry, people often ask me, "As an exorcist facing demons, aren't you afraid?" I respond, "No. It is the demons who are terrified."

In a similar vein, I will often ask possessed people how they feel as they approach our chapel for an exorcism. Not uncommonly, the closer they get, the more frightened they become. I explain to them that these emotions are those of the possessing demons. The demons are the ones who are terrified of what is about to occur.

Beneath all the bravado and arrogance of Satan and his minions is an underlying terror of Christ and all that is holy. It causes them incalculable pain. And they know that their "time is short" (Rev 12:12). They are rightly terrified of the second coming of Christ. As the demon named Legion said to Jesus, "Have you come to torment us before the appointed time?" (Mt 8:29).

Perhaps one of the errors of our day is unwittingly glorifying Satan and his demons. Demons are only angry, narcissistic, evil, little creatures bent on chaos, rage and destruction. There is not a drop of courage in them. Underneath it all, they are cowards.

On the other hand, I am often edified by the courage of the possessed people who come to us, many of whom are young people in their 20's and 30's. They are taunted, threatened, and tortured by demons. In the midst of their exorcisms, again and again, they renounce the demons to their face and tell them to leave. The demons retaliate and make them suffer. But these people do not yield.

It is a battle. Cowardly demons are no match for such courageous human souls, filled with the strength and confidence of the Spirit. There is no doubt who will win in the end.


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