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Exorcist Diary #160: A Wild, Dark Week

"Jesus Exorcizing the Gerasene Demoniac," Hitda Codex, Germany, 11th Century

It was a wild, dark week...

First, at the beginning of a prayer session, an afflicted person received a text from the witch tormenting him. She sarcastically texted: "I am ready for the prayer session. My deity too." She knew the precise moment we were going to begin, which was humanly impossible. The demons gave her this occult knowledge. She was trying to frighten and torment us, suggesting that she and her deity were powerful and in charge.

Second, during the week one of our gifted spiritual sensitives was engaged in a holy endeavor which threatened the demons. So, in front of her eyes, they picked up her ceramic dish and flung it across the room. It smashed into pieces against the wall. The demons were asserting their power and trying to frighten her into submission.

Third, in the midst of one of our most intense cases, our team received a long demonic text. The message contained typical demonic taunts: "You can't help her; You...failed; Your imaginary truth that being righteous and god fearing...really will work; She'll be dead by the end of the month." A friend of the afflicted was in the room and saw the cellphone on the table by itself. He said it typed out the text without any human nearby. The demons were again trying to make their point: we are in charge and you should fear us.

Dishes smashing. Demons texting. Witches cursing. It was wild and dark week. But in each case, our faith-filled team members pressed on with their ministry, undaunted by the demonic threats. They are full of confidence in the Risen Lord. I am blessed to be with such courageous people.


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