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Exorcist Diary #162: A Gathering of Witches

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Witches' Sabbath, 1821–1823, Museo del Prado, Madrid, Francisco Goya

Several young people who have been practicing witchcraft and divination for years have come in for help. They are all sullen, dark and depressed. One came in because he was afraid of being possessed. Another because of a powerful graced experience of Christ. Still another started to manifest demonic symptoms.

There is a spiritual darkness around them which is hard to dispel. Witchcraft and divination are serious sins. They plunge the soul deep into the dark world. The road back to the Light is possible, but typically a long one.

Witches claim to get their power from pagan deities, a "feminine energy" in the Universe, or from some ancient spiritual power in the world. They believe they are manipulating and controlling these energies. In reality, it is they who are being manipulated by the Father of Lies.

Many object and say that they are "good witches." But recently a family came to us who had been experiencing some spiritual difficulties. They had gone to a bruja (i.e. witch) who attempted to heal them with incantations and spells. Shortly thereafter, "all hell broke loose" in their lives. Witchcraft, always allied with evil, can never produce anything good. Fortunately, after a few exorcism sessions, the evil appears to have been lifted.

I am a bit downcast by the proliferation of witchcraft. One online practitioner of witchcraft and magic has over 400,000 followers. There are only about 120 exorcists in the USA. Where will all these people eventually find help?

Halloween is upon us. Witches' conferences and gatherings will most assuredly take place in great numbers. One diocese estimated that there are more witches' covens in the diocese than Catholic institutions. On the eve of All Saints, our little team will gather in Eucharistic prayer. I take confidence in knowing that one small ray from the heart of Christ can and will cast out all the darkness.


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