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Exorcist Diary #198: Do Saints Choose Us?

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

[St. Agape and her two sisters]

"K" was possessed. She was consecrated to the Evil One by her biological parents: one was a witch and the other a Satanist. Her upbringing was brutal including a drug habit foisted upon her by her mother and repeated rapes by men.

Both biological parents died young. K was, by the grace of God, eventually adopted by a good man who was a devout Catholic. After introducing her to Catholic sacraments and sacramentals, and witnessing her symptoms, he realized that she was possessed. He brought her to an exorcist.

In the process of liberation, the team was surprised when K said that a being named "Agape" appeared and was helping her. K did not know who Agape was, nor did most of the team. K thought that she was an angel; when she appeared, she was surrounded by a great light. Only after she identified herself as "Agape" did K realize the person was human.

After hearing K's description of Agape and doing some research, the team realized she was describing Saint Agape- the 4th century virgin and martyr. St. Agape was also orphaned at a young age. She and her two sisters led pious chaste lives under the direction of the priest Xeno. They rejected several offers of marriage as well as indecent advances by men. They were martyred for the faith under the Emperor Diocletian.

K suffers from demonic physical assaults as well as repeated sexual advances by men, many of whom are demonically inspired. These men are unwitting minions of Satan trying to sexually assault and/or seduce her, including tempting her with illicit drugs. In moments of overwhelming temptation and demonic assault, Agape shows up and whispers special messages of grace into K's ears. When St. Agape shows up, she often sees the demons depart.

Saint Agape is the perfect saint and intercessor for K, given both of their histories. K is the target of intense demonic assaults. The presence and intercession of St. Agape is much, much needed. We thank God for her.

Many times we nurture a devotion to a particular saint, thinking we have chosen the saint. It may be the other way around. Maybe, by the grace of God, a particular saint is chosen for us. In the future, when we begin our exorcism sessions, or simply begin our daily lives, perhaps we ought to begin by asking God which saint is chosen for us.


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