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Exorcist Diary #219: Tattoo as a Demonic Portal

[Miraculous Medal chapel, National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, WashDC]

When the Deacon poured the holy water on her tattoo, she howled, "It's burning me!" The water was actually cold. Again and again, he poured holy water on the tattoo as I repeatedly read the prayer of "Decommissioning Tattoos."* After months of deliverance prayers, including exorcizing this tattoo, it was finally over. The tattoo is now benign and the demons connected to it are gone.

Surprisingly, it is just a tattoo of some roses, but it became a huge demonic portal, and a major focus of the exorcism. It was connected to her past as a stripper and carried sexual overtones. With the help of her parents, she found her way out of the clubs into a regular job, and into the confessional.

At one point, some of Satan's minions had targeted her and were trying to entice her back into the clubs and/or force her into the sex trade. Several of them had tattoos of demons on their bodies, including Baphomet and Aka Manah (a demon of sensual desire). Thankfully, her parents again came to her rescue and protected her.

People ask me what I think of tattoos. I don't recommend them. With a demonic tattoo, the person has bonded the self to the demonic entity. Even if the image does not depict something evil, if it is connected to sinful behaviors, as with this young woman, it can be a big problem. Moreover, some parlors have been known to curse the ink or inscribe magic symbols inside the images.

I believe that some tattoos are spiritually benign. For example, someone showed me a small tattoo of a strawberry on her ankle. Some people even desire to tattoo religious symbols on their bodies such as crucifixes or holy images. However, I recommend instead wearing a blessed crucifix on a chain or lapel. Or wearing a blessed brown scapular or miraculous medal around the neck, as I do. The Mother of Jesus promised "great graces" to those who wear her medal with confidence. It is true.

I hope that tattoos are a fad whose time is rapidly passing.

*For the laity's version of the prayer to decommission tattoos, use this link.


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