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Exorcist Diary #238: Demons of Darkness

Updated: May 5, 2023

["Nativity at Night" Geertgen tot Sint Jans, 1490]

One of our suffering souls, "James," contacted me. He was filled with despair. He said that an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness came over him and that he was convinced he would never be free from the demons. We immediately held a spontaneous session over the phone and I prayed deliverance prayers with him. At the end, the dark feelings completely lifted and his hope returned.

I told him that these dark feelings were obviously demonic. They overwhelmed him rather suddenly and left immediately as a result of prayer. I explained that demons can only give what they have and theirs is a tormented world of fear, anger, hopelessness and despair. They can infect someone's mind and fill it with despair without the person ever being conscious of the demonic presence.

Around the same time, one of our spiritual “burden bearers” told me that she had experienced a similar sudden, intense bout of hopelessness and despair. She suspected that it was the dark spirit of one of our suffering souls. I thought, "Perhaps her suffering was for James" ... We are grateful for such victim souls. By the grace of God and the intercession of our prayer warriors, James is slowly getting better.

I don’t understand the modern embracing of magic, witchcraft, Satan and the occult. They are descending into a dark world. Some initially find such things fascinating and the manipulation of demonic power can be addicting (although it is they who are really being manipulated). But its path must end in a dark, tormented despair.

Hell is rightly described as a dark place. Whereas in heaven, there is no need for artificial light or a sun, because the Lord God will be our light (Rev 22:5). God shines and illumines the heavens, spreading true light, joy and peace. "God is light, and in him there is no darkness" (1 Jn 1:5).


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