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Exorcist Diary #246: Evil Texts from Demons & A Witch

["Christ Blessing Little Children," Charles Lock Eastlake, 1839]

Another text from demons last night. Typical demonic rant. The demons were tormenting an afflicted person and her father with a flood of ugly and mocking texts. At one point I texted back the well-known St. Michael prayer. Then, the demonic texts stopped, for a moment. They started up again and a second time I texted the St. Michael prayer and added, "May the Powers of Heaven surround them, protect them, and cast out the demons." This time, the demonic bravado and filth stopped.

The demons signed off with a threat: "It's been a pleasure Stephen. Maybe tonight, you'll feel my presence surround you as you sleep in what you think is a serenity, safe guarded home." Apparently, the St. Michael prayer was effective against this pack of demons and I made a mental note to use it again. The demons did, in fact, "visit" me during the night, but a quick deliverance prayer cast them out.

In another case, a family is likewise tormented by hundreds of texts, but this time they are coming from a witch. She is enraged at them and is trying to destroy their family. I noticed that there is the same tone in her texts as found in demonic texts. They are arrogant, taunting, threatening, lying, and vengeful. She curses them daily with spells to cause physical and mental suffering, including their children.

The farther down the dark path someone goes, the more they think and act like demons. We call this: "demon brain." Perhaps this woman began as a "good" witch, or at least she thought so [there is no good magic]. Now, she is clearly into black magic and fully under the control of Satan, although she believes she is worshipping a pagan deity. She is thinking and acting like demons.

All of this reminds me, once again, that I must not be like them. I must always be a follower of Jesus. I must love my enemies, forgive those who persecute us. I must be humble and bless all, never cursing. Sometime ago, I wrote "The Heart of an Exorcist." I am reading it again today and reminding me of who I should be:

The Heart of an Exorcist

I do not boast of casting out demons,

boasting comes from the mouths of demons;

I choose to serve the Lord in humility.

I do not feel sorry for my little sufferings,

it is Satan who plays the victim;

I choose gratitude for everything that comes to me.

I do not punish demons or chastise anyone for evil deeds,

it is demons who accuse and cause suffering;

I choose to forgive and to heal.

I do not judge the hearts of others,

demons constantly criticize and tear down;

I choose to strengthen and build up.

I do not speak ill of others or curse them,

detraction and cursing is the work of witches and demons,

I return a blessing.

I do not hate … even Satan and his minions,

hatred has its home in hell;

I choose to love, my home is in heaven.


*The next online deliverance prayer session is Monday, July 17th, 7-8pm Eastern time.


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