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Exorcist Diary #259: Witches Curse Catholic Church

["The Sermon on the Mount," Cosimo Rosselli, 1439-1507]

I just received the following query from a subscriber:

"I run a surprisingly successful tiktok ( and one person has

been unusually supportive of me and messaging me often for the past week. So I

searched her tiktok username and found a comment she made about a month

ago on a witch's tiktok video about revenge spells, saying she was new to the

practice and asking if it had any negative karma or effects. I realize this person

is a danger to me, so I blocked her instantly, and prayed your prayer for

protection against curses from your website. But obviously this might encourage

her to do a revenge spell against me. Should I have not blocked her?"

[Used with permission]

I understand the person's concern. It is clear that faithful Christian ministries, especially the Catholic Church, are special targets for witches' curses. Similarly, this week I also received some information about a former witch and Satanist. She publicly admitted that their cult specifically targeted Christians. For example, they put cursed rosaries in churches, mixing them in the basket with other rosaries. However, these minions of evil found that they had no power over those who truly serve God, as opposed to what she called: "so-called Sunday Christians." Faithful religious communities of consecrated women and men are regularly cursed. We assist them in lifting these curses. Moreover, we at St.Michael Center are ourselves regularly cursed by witches. We know that these minions of Satan are frustrated that we are protected. What surprised the former witch, and helped lead to her conversion, was realizing Satan's lie that he was all powerful. She found out that Satan is only a "proud fallen angel" and that "God is more powerful."

Odium fidei, hatred of the faith, is one of the unmistakeable signs of Satan's presence. The contemporary destruction of churches and religious statues, the public rejection of the faith, the hatred toward the church and those who minister therein, and attempts to expunge the faith from society ultimately find their source in Satan's hatred of Christ and his church.

When I responded to the host of the tiktok site, I told him that first and foremost: trust in Jesus! Those who truly do his will, which the witch found out, are protected. While some demonic harassment is possible, it is limited to what God allows, and it ultimately leads to their sanctification and His glory.

I also told him that it is actually possible that the woman who was following his site, and at the same time inquiring about revenge curses, is genuinely interested in his work. Sadly, there are some who practice the faith and also engage in magic. This is a grievous error. Let them read Deuteronomy 18:10-12. For a fuller explanation of why any form of magic, including "white" magic, is truly an "abomination" (Dt 10:12), see Fr. Cliff Ermatinger's book: The Trouble With Magic.

To answer the woman's query: "Does casting a revenge spell bring bad effects into my life?" The answer is always: "Yes." Satan's minions will ultimately share in what Satan has to offer: hell. To those who faithfully minister in the name of Jesus, if Satan has you in his sights, rejoice because this is a sign that you are truly doing the Lord's work. "Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" (Mt 5: 10).


*Our next online deliverance session is Monday, Oct 16th at 7-8pm Eastern USA time. Register on our website at: or here. There were 18,000 who registered in September and the Lord abundantly blessed us. Here are a few of the feedback comments from participants:

Thank you so much. I and my husband did these prayers together. Very powerful.

I love these prayers, it's beautiful. It gives me peace in my soul.

The forgiveness prayer and prayer to eradicate generational spirits deeply touched me.

I came away with a growing sense of peace, confidence, and joy.

It's hard to explain the peace and lightness I feel immediately from these deliverance sessions. Thank you and God bless you always!

Thank you is not enough.With your deliverance sessions, my depression I have had since I was in my early 20s (I am now 49) has been more manageable since I have been joining your sessions.

It always feels like a weight is lifted during and after each session.

I have had severe self-hate and inferiority problems. After three times of your online exorcisms I no longer suffer. I even did a speech at a wedding without getting nervous. I know I am loved. Hallelujah!

I felt the anger that I had held onto for so long ebb away when we prayed for forgiveness for self and others.

I felt the Presence of God very strongly...knew this was the real deal. Thank you so much.

I felt great grace and peace. I also had tears of healing.

I always feel closer to God when I attend your session.

At some points, I just started to cry. And it actually felt like a weight was being taken off of me. It was very comforting, and I could feel very confident the love of God with me.


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