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Exorcist Diary #277: Did He Eat a Demon?

["Grace Before Meat," Jan Steen, 1629-1679]

Some time ago, I cautioned people against "eating a demon." I recounted an incident in which I was having lunch with a very gifted person:

The person has the gift of seeing demons. The server placed the plates of food

in front of us, but my companion did not start eating. It was a noticeably

awkward moment. Finally, she looked up and said, "Aren't you going to bless the

food?" By her demeanor, I knew something was up. I answered, "Is there

something wrong with the food?" She nodded but said nothing. I guessed, "Are

there demons on the food?" She said quietly, "Yes." I gave the typical blessing

over a meal. She said the demons quickly left.*

Very recently, a family went on a vacation to a South American country. Here is the mother's personal account, which she shared with me and I use with her permission:

As my family approached the diverse array of dishes in a buffet, I recalled Msgr Rossetti's counsel on blessing meals. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, I requested a pause for prayer before partaking in the meal. The family, except for my second oldest son, respectfully bowed their heads. This son, a 21-year old with a skeptical view towards prayer, dismissed the act. He said, "Mom you are taking things to the extreme!"

That night, my son who had scoffed at the notion of blessing meals, fell ill with a high fever and debilitating diarrhea. This only lasted a few hours. The next day his health was back to normal. My entire family, especially my son, were left with a newfound appreciation for the power of prayer and gratitude. After this, my son is praying before meals.

All of the family members ate the same food, but only the son became sick. Was the son just unlucky or did he eat a demon?

Blessing food is important.** What we take into our bodies can have a profound effect physically, psychologically and even spiritually. Most important, as we bless our food, we give thanks to God. A heart full of gratitude to God is a heart firmly on the road to the Kingdom.


*"Diary of An American Exorcist," Stephen J. Rossetti, Sophia Institute 2021, p. 51.

**There are several forms of the blessing of meals in the Book of Blessings. The most common and popular, which anyone can pray, is:

Bless + us, O Lord, and these your gifts which we are about to receive from

your goodness. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Book of Blessings, Catholic Book Pub., 1989, p. 456).

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