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Exorcist Diary #282: Kundalini Disasters

Updated: Mar 23

["Seated Carthusian Holding an Open Book," Jean Restout le jeune, 1711]

In the last few months, several people have sought our assistance having had ugly experiences practicing Kundalini Yoga. They claim to be attacked by Evil Spirits as a result of their entering deeply into its spirituality including a "Kundalini awakening." The experience, while initially seeming like a powerful awakening, ended up in a nightmare. They are now being tormented by demons.

One person wrote:

"This has been an ongoing situation for years now. It started with practicing

kundalini yoga and having a “kundalini awakening” where they say your third eye becomes opened. I had a razor sharp experience during one of my practices. It was euphoric and I was shaking and taking extremely deep breaths and it felt like with each deep breath I was releasing years of stored up grief. Things took a turn for the worse however after that paranormal things started happening. I don’t know how much more of it I can take." 

I looked up the concept on the internet and here is what a Kundalini-positive site wrote:

A kundalini awakening is a form of energetic awakening that causes us to transform on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Kundalini itself is a Sanskrit word that means “she who is coiled” – it refers to primordial life force energy

contained at the base of the spine that is often depicted as a snake. This serpentine

energy, once awoken, travels up the various energy centers (or chakras) of the body

and into your crown chakra where higher consciousness is triggered. The result of

this higher awareness is a greater understanding of one’s soul, life purpose, and the

nature of reality itself.”

As it has been explained to me, in Kundalini Yoga there is a serpent wrapped around the base of the spine (or it is at least a metaphorical serpent) which rises up the spine and when it reaches the head, there is a powerful awakening. However, such concepts should give the Christian pause: Why would I want a snake wrapped around my spine?

In our Christian tradition, the snake is a symbol of the Evil One (see Genesis Chpt 3) and, in fact, there are often signs of a serpent demon in exorcisms. For example, the possessed person's eyes may take on a serpentine look becoming dark, yellow and shaped like the eyes of a snake; the possessed may slither on the floor like a snake; and/or the possessed person may hiss like a snake. When I have commanded a Python spirit or an evil serpent to leave, I often get a strong reaction from the demons. Demons take on the image of a snake and react when the exorcist commands it to leave.

Another afflicted person wrote to us:

"After a long time of doing their mantras, meditations everyday, and of partaking in satsangs on a weekly basis I had a very bad demonic experience.  I didn’t understand what it was. But I had already had many supernatural experiences with them which I now know were demonic, such as the movement of the kundalini serpent at the bottom of my spine. Sometimes the floor would tremble- literally.  The experiences weren’t all negative. In fact – they were mostly positive. There would be nice smells, feelings and special “graces” such as flights of the soul to “other realms” , inner images and lights. I wouldn’t be into these things unless it felt like it payed off somehow. I would also experience healings of physical illness and “miracles” such as money that would appear in my account when I needed it the most. The dark is usually only visible after many years, and then it can be very difficult to get out." In fact, praying with such people who are thus afflicted with demons of divination can take a long time to find full liberation.

Another afflicted person shared her similar experiences:

"I experienced a brief psychotic episode followed by an extremely chaotic Kundalini awakening that almost killed me. The Kundalini awakening was excruciating, but after a few years it stabilized, and I experienced great bliss in my subtle body and reached some very refined states of consciousness in meditation. However, my bliss did not come from the biblical God. Now I know that demons can evoke sensations of spiritual ecstasy in people."

Trying to find a spiritual awakening, and thus to manipulate spiritual forces and "energies," outside of the one true God is simply repeating the ancient sin of Adam and Eve. The serpent, Satan, promised that if they disobeyed God's command: "You will be like gods" (Gen 3:5). Is it any wonder that such pagan methods of "enlightenment" involve a serpent whose fruits ultimately bring evil and torment?

Some of those demonically afflicted as a result of their Kundalini Yoga practices have an informal support group. They sent me the following:

"Many websites present the Kundalini as a positive spiritual force that is inherent in everyone, regardless of one's tradition. They say that once this force is activated there may be an unpleasant period of karmic cleansing eventually followed by positive spiritual experiences. These websites say that the mystical traditions of Christians, Sufis, Hindus, Buddhists, etc all tap into this same inherent source. It should be stressed, however, that this is a big lie. The kundalini isn't a neutral force that we all share as humans but a spirit or demon that invades one's body, mind, and spirit."

True enlightenment comes from the One who is truly enlightened and the source of all Truth: Jesus. I encourage people to pray, discipline one's self, and to meditate (using an authentic Christian meditation) just as those who practice Yoga do. But the major difference is that we are invoking the Holy Spirit of the true God in an attitude of faith, obedience and humility. We willingly accept whatever graces God wants to give. When the practitioner steps outside of God's protective embrace, other forces may intervene and, as our experience suggests, they may be decidedly evil.


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