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Exorcist Diary #298: My Proof for God

["Healing of the Cripple and Raising of Tabitha," Masolino da Panicale, 1426-1427]

As an exorcist, one image that is seared into my mind is the "Look of Evil." When we conduct an exorcism, the demons come to the fore and I look into their eyes. The total evil and murderous rage that I see is stunning and impossible to forget.    

Sadly we also see glimpses of such evil in the world around us. We see the face of evil when we witness violent rages, terrorist attacks against children, destruction of churches and holy images, greed and selfishness.

Similarly, I have noticed that those who spend decades practicing the occult, witchcraft and unholy divination are typically unhappy, emotionally isolated, and often exude a darkness that surrounds them. These seem to me to be reflections of the face of the Evil One.  Fortunately, as we pray over them and the light of Christ shines on them, the darkness slowly lifts and they once again come alive.

I experience many daily touches of grace.  So many people are genuinely kind and thoughtful, willing to help, such as the generous and faith-filled members of our exorcism teams.  The joy of our team members and God's powerful healing graces greatly overshadow the demons' dark presence. One unmistakable sign of God's presence is the joy that springs up from someone’s heart and radiates from their faces.

These “looks," some full of rage and darkness, and others full of heavenly joy, confirm for me both the reality of the Evil One and the reality of God. Even if there were no heavenly reward in the next life (which assuredly there is!), I would choose to follow the Lord.  It is He who is the source of our joy and peace.  Such joy and peace is its own reward in this life and a promise of happiness in the next.

These are my daily “proofs” of God’s existence.  What is yours?


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