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Exorcist Diary #299: Satan's "A Game"

["Chess Players," Friedrich Retzsch, 1779-1857, note: Satan is the player on the left]

Most exorcisms are fairly straightforward. There are typically a bunch of lesser demons present with one leader who may or may not have a recognizable biblical name. These can be difficult for all involved, but with perseverance and faith the demons are eventually cast out. Jesus gave his Church the authority to cast out demons and it is obvious in an exorcism. In a face-to-face battle, demons always lose.

But, once in a while, Satan plays, what I call, his "A Game." He puts a lot of effort into a particular case for reasons only he knows. His power is not unlimited so the case must have some real significance for his plans. Sadly, in such cases, the person is filled with hundreds of demons that are led by many well-known, high-ranking, powerful demons. The list reads like a "who's who" in hell. There are even times when Satan himself is personally present, although these are rare (despite lesser demons often claiming that they are Satan).

When Satan is playing his "A Game," an exorcist is in particular danger. The real battle is not in the exorcism session itself. Satan knows full well that he loses in a face-to-face confrontation with the Church and her priests. The real "A Game" battle is behind the scenes. Satan is a master manipulator. He knows the right psychological and spiritual buttons to push for each person involved.

Behind the scenes, he will sow discord and anger, doubts and fears, distrust, and intense temptations to pride, envy, sexual license and more. He will enlist human minions to tempt and attack the Exorcist, team members and the possessed. He will manipulate forces and nature to accomplish his goals. Through his manipulation of the possessed person, he will try the strength, boundaries, and virtue of the Exorcist, threatening to exhaust or compromise his priesthood. In modern times, a few have succumbed.

Exorcists should know that they themselves are no match for the wiles of the Evil One. They will always be one step behind him. Just when they think they are winning, they will find out that Satan has been playing them and they are on the brink of losing.

But there is one sure remedy. Trust in Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit. And an added sure protection: love the Virgin Mary and let her mantle of protection cover you. God will give the Exorcist and his team the graces needed to unmask and confound even Satan's "A Game."


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