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New Markup Assist Modeler:Move through your design with ease, choose the features that matter most to you, then automatically resolve all conflicts and create the most accurate markups. (video: 7:00 min.)New features and performance enhancementsAutoCAD’s workbenches are fully compatible with the AutoCAD Architecture 2020 release and will receive AutoCAD Architecture 2020 support and maintenance through the product cycle.New API’s in AutoCAD Architecture (API only)All API’s now support non-graphics applications and even perform better.Dynamic Taskbar:A dynamic taskbar, as shown in the video, has been added to the Ribbon. In the video, the Dynamic Taskbar is used to change the default color scheme.Keyboard shortcuts:You can now configure your keyboard shortcuts without a mouse.Improved Drawing Preview:Now you can see in the Drawing Preview how an entire drawing will look before you start designing.Print and PDF Output:The new PDF option in File→Print or when using the Print Dialog box can print to PDF files. Files are also saved to a file with a.pdf extension. This feature is new to AutoCAD Architecture and works only in the latest AutoCAD version.Color dialog improvements:The Color dialog has been completely redesigned. Now you can see the color value of the color in the Background of the dialog and easily compare colors.Network features:Two new Network Features, Internet Explorer and FTP, have been added to AutoCAD Architecture. The new Network features now include support for File Replication over WAN (FRS) and Windows 10 mobile device networks.FRS:The new FRS features in AutoCAD Architecture are made possible by Microsoft’s File Replication Service, a core component of Windows. This service is used by other cloud applications, including Office 365. This means your AutoCAD documents can automatically synchronize with SharePoint, OneDrive, or any other Office 365 service.FTP:FTP is now available in AutoCAD Architecture as well as the previous version of AutoCAD. FTP works over an internet connection instead of the network.HTML and Web Inspector:You can now preview and edit HTML and web documents in the Drawing Preview or using the Drawing Toolbar. 2be273e24d



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