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Exorcism or Deliverance? Some reflections for those tormented by demons

Titles and descriptions of Satan from the rite of exorcism and what they have to teach us:

Prayer and fasting to drive our demons or just prayer?

Exorcism’s ultimate power is the Word of the Lord and the Prayer of the Church

Should the Church consider reintroducing exorcisms into the rite of baptism:

Learning to name sins is to have more power over them

Learning to name sins is to have more power over them - Part 2

Demons believe and tremble. How about us?

Four Common Tactics of the devil

Important reminder: God is more Powerful than Satan

Why and how does Satan roam the earth?

Three Teachings on Temptation

The Rite: A reflection on the Church’s rite of exorcism

Is there such a thing as pure evil?

A Meditation of the Escalating Attack of Satan

Why Does Satan Hate You?

The Many Disguises of Satan

Of the Angels and of the Mysterious Providence of God

The Role of the Angels in Every Liturgy

The Angels and Our Death

Teachings on Hell

On the Mockery of Satan

Getting Unbound: A Reflection on Deliverance Ministry

On the Spiritual Attack of our converts and what to do about it.

Lessons against fascination with evil

Satan is Real

Satan at His Most Subtle: A Reflection on the Temptations and Traps of the Pious

How is the “Weakness” of God Stronger than Satan’s “Power?”

Some Basic Facts and Clarifications about the Angels

The Mystical Role of the Angels in Baptism

On the Role of Our Guardian Angels

On the Role of the Angels at the Second Coming

The Exorcistic Effect of the Word of God

How Can a Demon, Driven Out, Return with Seven More? A Meditation on a Puzzling Parable

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