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Our Finances

St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal (SMC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Catholic organization ministering under the pastoral leadership of the Archdiocese of Washington; it is recognized by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops; and it is listed in the Kennedy Directory.  We offer our exorcism sessions and monthly deliverance sessions free of charge.  Our app (“Catholic Exorcism”) and our website ( are also free.  Most of our staff are either volunteers or minister part-time for a reduced “Catholic” rate.  Similarly, our President/CEO Msgr. Rossetti does not receive any financial compensation or expenses from SMC.  The royalties from his two books, Diary of an American Exorcist and When the Lion Roars, are donated directly to the Center. We are very grateful to all of our generous staff and volunteers!  Our ministry is funded largely by the generous donation of so many wonderful people and Catholic organizations. We are very grateful to each of our donors! Please support our ministry with your prayers and, those who are able to do so, you can financially donate to our ministry at the bottom below. 

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