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Exorcism Diary #188: Love Casts Out Evil

("Virgin of the Apocalypse", Miguel Cabrera, 1760)

The building was deeply infested by demons. It was the site of grievous sins-- murder and blasphemies against God. Not surprising, one of the symptoms in that building was an ongoing divisiveness to the point of scandal and even violence. One of Satan's titles is: "causa discordiae," cause of discord. His presence invariably fosters discord, division and conflict.

Our team of priests and laity gathered for a "marathon", i.e., a session of many hours of concentrated prayer to cast out demons. We also had a gifted spiritual sensitive with us. We were hoping to begin to dislodge the entrenched demonic presence. But after many hours of deliverance prayers, there were no signs to her or to the rest of the team that any progress was being made.

I felt sure that the Blessed Virgin would intervene and help us. I believed that it was she who called us to be there and she would ensure that our efforts would bear fruit. Still ... after several hours there were no signs of any progress. As our time was almost up, I began to fear that the building was just too badly cursed to be cleansed. Perhaps we were wasting our time...

Unexpectedly, in the last few minutes, I felt a surge of love for the Virgin well up in my heart. I turned to her and gave her my love. Just then, our spiritual sensitive leaned over and whispered to me, "The demons are reacting. One just left."

When the Virgin shows up, there is love. And it is love that casts out demons.


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