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Exorcist Diary #117: Whence comes human suffering?

Flagellation of Christ by Caravaggio

We received a late night text from the demons. They were taunting us: "You should have heard her scream. We are going to break her leg off." Then they blamed us, "It's your fault. You made us do it."

"Jane" is possessed. She also has a bad left leg. That night, the demons attacked her and twisted her bad leg. It was awful. I knew they couldn't break her leg off; God would not allow it. But they could make her suffer and they did.

The demons couldn't help jabbing us and trying to shift the blame: "It's your fault." I suspect their twisted minds actually believe it. Evil will never take the blame for its own sins and despicable actions. Satan is spending his eternity blaming God for all he himself has done.

One of our gifted people had an intense encounter with some demons. She said what stunned her most was the absolute lack of even a drop of mercy or compassion. Thus, it was predictable they would exploit Jane's bad leg in order to inflict the maximum pain and fear. Demons are vicious and will always try to torture a person where it hurts the most.

Our little team, I believe, feels God's response to such pain and torture. There arises in us a deep sadness, an intense compassion, and a desire to help. Our team rallied around Jane and doubled our efforts.

Isn't that what Jesus does? He is God's compassion and one who ultimately saves us from such evil. Where does all the pain and suffering come from in this world? I know it does not come from God.


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