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Exorcist Diary #119: "She will come."

Winged Virgin of the Apocalypse by Miguel de Santiago. Quito, Ecuador, 17th century

It was a very tough case. The young woman was possessed by hundreds of demons with Satan himself personally leading them. But the more difficult the case, the stronger the graces God gives. In this case, I knew that we would need the very best God could send.

We were coming close to the end, after countless hours of ugly and painful sessions. The demons were getting weaker and were now more obedient, much to their dismay. I commanded them, in the name of Jesus, to tell us, "When will you leave and by what means?" The demons reluctantly responded with a date two weeks hence and said, "She will come."

Everyone in the room knew who "she" was. The demons would not say the name of the Mother of God. Her name, like that of her Son, is itself holy.

The day finally came and the moment approached. The room grew silent and the possessed woman said, "She is here." As the Virgin quietly moved closer, the demons began to thrash wildly. She said nothing but the radiant light of Christ shining through the humble handmaid of God was overpowering.

Satan himself screamed. After screaming and thrashing several times, the Prince of Darkness left. It was over.

Now, I ask all of the possessed to consecrate themselves to the Mother of God as part of the healing process. We ask Mary not only to cast out the demons but to protect the afflicted person for the rest of their lives, until she welcomes them into the Kingdom.

The Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church, or against its Mother.


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8 Kommentare

Michael Marsh
Michael Marsh
15. Jan. 2021

Chris, demons lie because their master is the father of lies. However, they cannot lie during an exorcism. In Luke 10:17, “ The seventy returned with joy, saying, “ Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name.” So, through Christ and the authority He gives to His Catholic Church, during an exorcism a demon cannot lie. It can raise hell, but it cannot lie. Hope this helps.

Gefällt mir

The demons truly live in a state of terror and fear. 1 John 4:18 says "There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear because fear has to do with punishment, and so one who fears is not yet perfect in love." Since the demons have no Love, they have great fear and punishment is to be their eternity. Mary (and I believe Joseph who has the title "terror of demons") are filled with Love and have, in all accounts, perfectly followed and actively participated in the WIll of God. The demons faced with the reality of that love and humility are terrified by them. They were cast down to earth, but as the "Our Father" sta…

Gefällt mir

There is a question that I've been thinking about for a while. When exorcists command the evil spirits to tell the truth, do they necessarily tell the truth or do they lie as well? I also hear some religious skeptics who think that evil spirits are lying to Catholic exorcists whenever they speak that affirms our belief or whenever they leave a body so we may be deceived that the exorcism is effective when in reality, it's not. I realize that, obviously, we can't prove the truth of the Catholic Church merely by citing exorcisms, but how would you respond to these objections? /Thank you

Gefällt mir

02. Jan. 2021

Regina Angelorum ora pro nobis

Gefällt mir

Our Lady has brought such peace to my life . So grateful to consecrate myself to Mary today . Thank you Father for sharing the exorcism story . Knowledge is power and prayer more so . Happy New Year !

Gefällt mir
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