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Exorcist Diary #127: Sexually Abused by Demons

Crucifixion, El Greco and Janina Ploska

In the midst of the session, "Lucy" started to scream and thrash. By the sound of her voice, I knew it wasn't the demons; it was Lucy herself. "Get them off me!" she yelled. "Are the demons molesting you?" I asked. She began to sob, "Yes."

The team immediately went into its protective mode. The exorcists commanded the demons to stop. We beseeched the Blessed Mother to spread her mantle of protection with all its purity over her. We asked the angelic powers of heaven to establish a perimeter of protection around her. After about five minutes, it stopped.

Not long ago, a new exorcist called me for a consult. He said he had a new referral and the woman claimed to be sexually abused by demons at night. He was skeptical. I explained that this is actually common. One of the demons' most upsetting tactics is sexually abusing and thus shaming and traumatizing women.

It can be hard to understand why God would allow this. But God allows millions of people around the globe every year to be sexually abused by humans. Sexual abuse is an evil act in league with Satan and his minions.

After the session, I explained to Lucy that demons do not have gender nor do they have bodies. They are not actually physically having sex with her. However, they can make it feel exactly like being abused including all the physical sensations. While I know that this does not reduce the horrible experience for her, perhaps she can realize it is another demonic deception and lie.

When the session ended, the priests prayed a healing prayer over Lucy. We prayed that God would heal her of any hurts and traumas, past or present.

An exorcism is a dirty, ugly affair because of the presence of evil demons and all that they do. It is particularly awful, and we too can feel helpless and pained to the heart, when the afflicted person is being abused by demons right in front of us.

In this Lenten season, we all might offer up our sufferings to the One who suffered the full weight of evil and sin for us. May Jesus make Lucy, and all of us, whole.


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