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Exorcist Diary #135: A Prince of Hell on Fire

Baphomet is associated with this 19th-century depiction of a Sabbatical Goat by Èliphas Lèvi (Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, 1856)

I had hoped that she was only oppressed and not possessed. This young woman had many signs of possession including waking up with huge slash marks on her back and upside crosses burned on her body. But then she sent me a picture she drew the previous night that removed all doubt...

She said she was in a kind of trance and didn't recall drawing it. Moreover, she had no idea what it was. But to us, it was immediately recognizable- Baphomet, one of the princes of hell. Sadly, she was possessed and the demonic cohort was being led by a high ranking demon....

Months later, thanks be to God, we are now getting near the end of the exorcism. At the beginning, there were 10 senior demons under Baphomet and, in all, several hundred demons. One by one, as the months passed, the ten left. Finally, only Baphomet and his coterie around him remain. He is now undefended by other demons and taking the brunt of the exorcism himself.

For months, the afflicted young woman has had nightly visitations and torments by the demons. Being possessed, she is able to "see" some of the preternatural world. She said she sees Baphomet nightly; in the beginning he was huge and seated on a large throne. Now, as the exorcism has taken its toll, Baphomet looks small and his horns are on fire. She added that his face is contorted with pain and he is in a rage. As we pray, she can hear the demons screaming.

This is no time to let down our guard. In the final throes, demons can be especially vicious, especially a prince of hell. We maintain our vigilance and look to the Mother of God as a special help. Whenever we mention her name and invoke her protection, the demons convulse in agony.

Sometimes people, including some young priests, are excited by the prospect of an exorcism and all things related. The reality is ugly and painful for all. There is nothing attractive about it.

But I think of the day when this young woman can lie down to sleep and not be terrified by the prospect of being dragged into hell. I pray that it is, through God's mercy, soon...


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