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Exorcist Diary #151: A Witch's Power

"Temptation on the Mount," detail, Duccio Di Buoninsegna, 1308-1311

Several of our clients are being tormented by high-level witches. It's ugly stuff. Some of their tormentors self-identify as witches, while others claim to practice Eastern religions or pagan spiritualities, such as Wicca. But they are cursing and hexing our people, and the effects are very real.

For example, one victim has intense, medically-unexplained pains plus other family members are physically and mentally suffering as well; all the while the witch sending gloating texts. Another victim nightly hears a witch's threatening voice telling her she will be damned to hell. A third person suffers from regular visitations from a witch with a variety of physical tortures and manifestations. In each case, an active witch claims to be tormenting them and verifiably so.

In the process of liberation, several have dramatically excreted from bodily orifices a kind of "bolus"- a mass or blob used by the witch to curse the individual. As long as the bolus remains inside, the process of liberation is hampered. While the excretion is messy and embarrassing, getting rid of it is a great relief. If they are faithful and persevering, the saving power of Jesus Christ will eventually free them from the witch's grasp. But the liberation process can, like a case of full possession, take quite some time.

What is striking in these cases is the real power of the witch. Some of these witches have intricate, hidden knowledge of the people they are tormenting and taunt them with it. Some of these witches manipulate objects by the power of demons. For example, one witch materialized a cursed object inside the victim's locked car. And they can make people suffer real bodily ailments.

During the process of liberation, we stress that victims must learn to trust in Jesus. The power of the witch, like that of demons, is limited. Witches can harass, torment, and inflict sufferings, but the power of the risen Christ is supreme.

Where do the witches get their power? Some of these practitioners of magic claim to be channeling natural energy from the cosmos; others say they are calling on a "feminine energy"; and still others claim to be empowered by pagan deities. But they are all deceived. Practicing magic of any kind does not come from the one true and loving God.

What they think are spiritual energies, earth powers or deities are but masks for Satan. All of these pagan "deities" are demons under Satan's control. High-level witches are deeply mired in this dark world of evil. In truth, their lot can only be increasing darkness and slavery to the Prince of Darkness. While they threaten others with hell, it is they who are in the greatest spiritual danger.

However, the people who come to us, if they persevere, can re-find true freedom, light and peace in Jesus. The road begins with repentance for any sin they may have committed which made them vulnerable to the witch's power. It also includes a spiritual cleansing and sanctification through the sacraments and sacramentals. It should add forgiving the witch who is tormenting them, just as Jesus forgive those who crucified him. We are truly followers of Jesus when we "bless those who persecute you, bless and do not curse them" (Rm 12:14).

Curses, hexes, and magic are the tools of Satan and his witches. The tools of the believer are faith in God, trust in Jesus, and love of neighbor, including one's persecutors.


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