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Exorcist Diary #165: Priesthood Under Attack

Arson suspected at San Gabriel Mission, California. July 11, 2020.

Fr. "David" came to us after having suffered for years with difficulty saying Mass. It began when he was on the altar and just about to say the words of consecration. He experienced what felt like a panic attack. Another priest had to finish the Mass, as he was unable to continue. Since then, presiding at the Eucharist has felt excessively like an effort and a burden. He added, "The origins of which, until now, were a complete mystery."

As we prayed over him, it became apparent that he was suffering from a demonic obsession. We prayed deliverance prayers of a minor exorcism and he felt something lift. He felt a new sense of freedom. At the end of the prayer, he said, "I feel great!" Since then he has felt a "huge relief" from the previous burden and a "renewed enthusiasm" for his priestly ministry and the Eucharist.*

Satan has always targeted priests and the Holy Eucharist. He especially hates those uniquely configured to Jesus who are the instruments of the Holy Sacrifice. It is difficult to imagine a more concentrated attack on the priesthood and the Church than what we are now experiencing.** For example, in the last year, the U.S. Bishops' Conference reported an unprecedented 95 attacks against churches in the USA.

This good priest, Fr. "David," subsequently shared with me a poignant story. A pious layman and friend told him how important it was to have priests and that he prays for him and all priests daily. He then said, "On Good Friday, the door to the Tabernacle is open and it is empty. The Eucharistic Christ is gone. That is how it will be if there are no more priests."

*Used anonymously with his permission.

** In Blessed Conchita's Priests of Christ, Our Lord tells her: "They [seminarians] should be forcefully warned about the temptations to which they will be exposed and the unending war the evil one will wage against them every day of their lives...about the persecutions, calumnies, etc., that they will be exposed to." St. Pauls, 2015, p. 1592.

See also: In Sinu Jesu, A Benedictine Monk: "The movement of persecution that is about to break out against My Church...In fact, this has already begun. I will be attacked in My priests; they represent My Eucharistic Face...I will be dishonoured in the Sacrament of My Body and Blood...", Angelico Press, 2016, p. 117.


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