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Exorcist Diary #178: Demons of Lust

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

(Our Lady, Mother of Purity, Legion of Mary)

"B" had a troubled, sexually traumatic upbringing. The child of a prostitute, she was sexually abused as a child. She became a stripper at a local club. She was raped many times. An attempt was made to sex-traffic her, but she managed to escape.

Despite her life in the dark world of sexual perversion, there was, in her, a great potentiality for goodness, even heroism. She had an inner strength which enabled her to keep bounding back, despite being repeatedly threatened, beaten, and raped.

Through the good offices of a deacon, she ended up in our exorcism sessions. She was fully possessed. She exhibited all the major signs, including many instances of occult knowledge, violent reactions to the sacred, and speaking/writing in a foreign tongue unknown to her.

When the exorcisms sessions began, she manifested quickly and exhibited gross lewd and suggestive behaviors. Commanding her in Jesus' name to stop did no good. We had to wrap her in a blanket lest she begin to dance and strip.

At night, the possessing demons repeatedly sent lewd pictures of her past at the strip club. Text messages were sexually taunting and made gross attempts at seduction. In each case, I responded with a prayer and a picture of the Blessed Virgin. I finally turned my phone off at night so that the beeping of incoming texts wouldn't keep me awake.

More subtly, before, during, and after sessions, demons of lust would sexually assault the team and me. In the exorcisms, we were careful who was present in the room. Others, who were apparently not in a state of grace, attempted to befriend her and they went morally "off the rails."

The antidote to such gross impurity was, of course, the Blessed Virgin. She was repeatedly invoked. We had "B" consecrate herself to her. In each session, "B" prayed aloud to the Virgin for the virtue of chastity and purity. The deacon poured gallons of holy water over her head. This spiritual cleansing evoked screams from the demons: "Stop. Stop. You're killing me!"

Perhaps this is what our most unchaste world needs today as well: consecration to the BVM, fervent prayer for the virtue of chastity, and a spiritual cleansing through the sacraments and sacramentals of the Church.


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