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Exorcist Diary #210: Demons of Infirmity...again

["St. Michael Killing the Dragon," c. 1493-1505, Josse Lieferinxe]

After the exorcism, I got angry texts from some very unhappy demons: "D... you! I want that girl back!", they texted, "It was supposed to be a dark day for her." Good news that they are demanding her back; it means that the exorcism was effective and she is no longer in their grasp.

The demons then threatened her and us: "Give her back or I'll be sure she crashes her car." She did not crash her car. I responded by sending the above picture of St. Michael spearing Lucifer and I attached the following command: "I command the demons to look at this picture and acknowledge the power of Christ that he wields." The demons responded, "F... you! I'll be back!" And they left.

That night on my way into the chapel to pray, I was hit with a strong, sudden "illness." It felt exactly like a bad case of the flu. "Oh no," I thought, "I am too busy to get sick." I felt really awful.

Then it dawned on me that the "illness" was a bit odd. It came on suddenly, unlike previous illnesses I have had. I then recalled the earlier demonic threats and I became suspicious. Hmmmm. I recalled that St. Gemma was often assaulted by demons and she said that the devil sometimes made her feel very ill.

I put a crucifix on my nauseated stomach and prayed repeatedly: "Demons of Infirmity, Vade!"* I sprinkled myself a few times with holy water, especially on my intense headache. I continued: "Demons of Infirmity, Vade!" After a couple of minutes, the "illness" lifted completely and I was fine.

So I went into the chapel to pray.


*Latin command to leave

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