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Exorcist Diary #213: Demons Loosed on Halloween

[ "The Torment of Saint Anthony", Michelangelo, 1487-1488]

We knew that "A" would be assaulted by demons on Halloween. It happens every year. As a spiritual sensitive and a victim soul, she is more attuned to the preternatural world. This is both a blessing and a cross. On Halloween, when the demons are especially loosed in the world, it is definitely a cross.

So, our team offered to hold an all-night vigil and pray with her. We were hoping that we could keep the demons away. We used the strongest deliverance prayers we had as well as holy water and other blessed objects. We did our best, but she was assaulted by demons throughout the night. It was pretty ugly.

The next morning "A" said she was grateful for our efforts and expressed her thanks. We were a bit disappointed at the results. But she and the team all realized that sometimes God allows demonic assaults on victim souls regardless of our best efforts.

We see this in countless saintly examples: Catherine of Siena, Gemma Galgani, Padre Pio, the Cure of Ars, and many, many others. God allowed these holy souls to be tempted, assaulted, and purified in the crucible of their valiant struggle against evil. No doubt their emerging victorious from these struggles is an unseen grace for countless souls throughout the world, especially those in bondage to the Devil.

We were disappointed we could not protect "A". But it was not in God's plan. However, she did emerge victorious after a Halloween night of demonic pummeling. Maybe we were "successful," just not in the way we had hoped.

Every day people suffering demonic torments come to us for help. Many can be liberated by living a virtuous sacramental life. Some also need concentrated deliverance prayers.

But others are not liberated in a timely way. Some of these have obstacles to liberation that have yet to be overcome. For others, their road to purification and liberation is a long one. A very few are chosen by God to walk in the crucible of calvary for their own sanctification and for the salvation of souls.

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