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Exorcist Diary #236: Demons Are Sore Losers

["Last Judgment", Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel]

Demons are sore losers and do not accept defeat. After the liberation of a severely possessed young woman, the Team received a number of texts from the expelled demons. It was partly written in Ukrainian, a language that young woman doesn't speak, and it said: "Я йду за цією дівчиною." Google Translate rendered it: "I'm after this girl." It was signed, "666."

The texts keep taunting us and telling us to give up and let her go. They want her back ... desperately. Several times the demons said it explicitly: "I want her back." Another time they texted, "I want the girl. I need her. Give her back to me soon. You can't keep this up."

The Good News is that she is indeed liberated and the demonic taunts help to confirm it-- they were cast out and they want her back. We continue to assist her in living a solid Christian life. She is now able to receive the sacraments and there is a peace about her that wasn't there before. She just had a wonderful Easter with family.

Even though she is liberated, the demons can still attack from the outside. This is especially true for a high value target, which she certainly is. A few days ago, I prayed with her online during such an attack and the demons were quickly expelled-- another sign that she is no longer possessed.

Later, after she had gone to bed and was asleep, my phone blew up with more demonic texts. The exchange lasted about 20 minutes. Here is an excerpt:



Rossetti: "May the BVM cast out the demons." [I sent a picture of Our Lady

of Guadalupe several times. This picture was especially effective during an

exorcism against the demons of impurity.]

Demons: "Why don't you go to sleep? Go to hell you xxxxx." [They then

made a comment about a specific item in my room just to let me know they

were watching me.]

Rossetti: "May the Blessed Virgin cast out the demons. May St. Joseph

terror of demons cast them out."

Demons: "Don't you know she's going to be dead soon Stephen? You're

wasting your time."

Rossetti: "May the BVM cast out the demons."

Demons: "Let the little girl come to me."

Rossetti: [I again texted a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe several times.]

Demons: [The demons sent crass texts and pornographic images and taunts

that are not repeatable.]

Rossetti: "In Jesus' name, I command you to look at the icon of Mary for five

minutes and then leave."

Very shortly, the text messages stopped and the demons were gone. Apparently the command to look at the icon was effective. They can't stand looking at the holy Mother of Jesus, particularly these demons of impurity. And they left.

I don't engage demons in a conversation, as Pope Francis repeatedly warns against. Rather, with each taunt, I send back a prayer either in words or in pictures such as a holy icon of the Virgin Mary. Once again, the Virgin stomped on Satan's head (Gen 3:15)!

Their defeat in this young woman's liberation must remind the demons that their their ultimate defeat is close at hand. When I bring up the notion that "time is short" (1 Cor 7:29) and they will be judged for all the evil they are now doing, their reaction is strong and immediate.* It is clear they do not want to face the final judgment and their inescapable punishment.

But for the followers of Christ: "They will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory...when these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand” (Lk: 21:27-28).


*A line in the Rite of Exorcism reminds the demons of their impending increased punishment for all the evil they are currently doing: "The longer you delay [leaving the possessed person], the heavier your punishment shall be."

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