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Exorcist Diary #244: Satan Consumed By Revenge

["Joseph Forgives His Brothers," Bacchiaccia, 1515]

I have been astounded at the tenacity and commitment to vengeance by a particular witch. She was in a relationship with a male who eventually broke it off. She was hurt by the rejection and she turned to revenge.

Initially unknown to him, she is a proficient witch and she has taken to cursing him daily. The effects of her "magic" and curses are very real as it invokes the power of demons. She is daily tormenting him.

What is astounding is her unwavering commitment to revenge. The breakup happened over three years ago and she is daily still hounding him with dozens of texts and multiple curses. The focus of her life is revenge and she is daily spending hours intent on destroying his life. She swears she will never stop.

This is yet another sign that she is a minion of the Evil One. Satan's entire existence seeks revenge against God whom he believes victimized him. He is spending every ounce of his dark energy forever lashing out against all that is holy. But his undying revenge is only destroying himself, as is the undying revenge of this witch.

It reminds me yet again of the importance of forgiveness and Jesus teaching us to forgive those who hurt us (Luke 6:27-29). We need to release others from any spiritual debts or wounds related to us. And we ourselves need to be freed as well. It does not mean that we have not been hurt or that those who have hurt us are in the right. Rather, it means that we will not be defined and enslaved by such actions and their wounds. We acknowledge the wound, and give it to Jesus the healer of souls.

I feel bad for the man who is being tormented. I also feel bad for the witch who is consumed by revenge. The afflicted person and I pray for forgiveness, to lift the curses, and for healing. We also pray together for the woman (which surprises her!). May she, too, forgive and find peace.


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