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Exorcist Diary #258: Demons Threaten Plane Crash

[The Gates of Hell, Cornelis Saftleven (1607-1681)]

I am soon going on a trip and, while there, I will pray over an afflicted woman. She recently texted me: "The demons told me that they are going to crash your plane." A few moments later, the demons texted me directly: "Get on the plane stephen, go ahead!" They were taunting me and daring me to take the flight.

The first time demons threatened to kill me happened years ago in another case. We were in the midst of a session and they said with a haughty and threatening tone: "We are going to kill you!" I responded, "If I die, then this priest will take my place," as I pointed to the other exorcist, "and if he dies, yet another will take his place. We are simply instruments. I am not your problem; Jesus is your problem!" At the mention of that Holy Name, the demons shut their mouths.

Demons are not creative and have a limited repertoire. Saying they will kill me, especially by crashing my plane flight, is a common threat. I do not know the future and I am just as susceptible as the next person to a fatal disaster. But what I do know is that the demons are not in charge-- God is. Whatever comes my way I accept as being God's will. In that light and with that intention, all is grace and all gives glory to our loving God.

So, I will get on that airplane. As usual, I will ask the holy angels to guide and protect the flight. I especially pray for a smooth flight; I hate turbulence! Demonic threats don't scare me but turbulence does: hah!

I feel confident the flight will go just fine. When I arrive, I will pray over the afflicted person. The demons that are tormenting her will be subjected to the power of God in the Church, and they will howl in terror and pain. They will be one large-step closer to leaving and the afflicted person will be one large-step closer to full liberation.

"Upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it" (Mt 16:18).


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