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Exorcist Diary #278: Temple of the Holy Spirit

["Dove of the Holy Spirit," Bernini, 1669]

I was praying over a demonically afflicted person and I got to the phrase in the final imperative prayer where it says: "Acknowledge the Spirit of truth and grace, who repels your attacks and confounds your lies." Shortly thereafter it says: "Depart from this man (woman) whom by spiritual anointing God has made a holy temple." The demonic reaction was strong. This obviously hit a nerve.

So, I emphasized these theological truths: "I command you, in Jesus' name, to open your eyes and see that he is a temple of the Holy Spirit!" And again I prayed, "The Holy Spirit dwells in him; there is no room for you. The light of the Spirit casts out the darkness!" Another of our exorcists has had the same experience. He, too, in exorcism sessions hammers home the truth: "She/he is a temple of the Holy Spirit."

This pneumatic aspect (pertaining to the Holy Spirit) of the new Rite of Exorcism is a powerful addition. It only makes sense. The incarnation of the Son of God enabled our humanity to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to participate in Divine life. This did not happen to the angels.

It is speculated that one of the reasons why Lucifer rejected God was his envy of humanity. So, in the exorcism, I continued: "Open your eyes and look! See that he is a temple of the Holy Spirit, which you [the demons] will never be!" This was immediately followed again by a very strong demonic reaction.

It is an awesome truth that, in Christ and by the sanctifying grace of the sacraments, we are now temples of the Holy Spirit. We don't think of it much and I don't think we really grasp this profound reality. But the demons, who disdain humans as grossly inferior, are obviously quite aware of it. It tortures them.


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