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Exorcist Diary #294: Don't Give Up!

Updated: Jun 1

The demons have been targeting our virtue of hope on all fronts! Three of our exorcism teams have gotten demonic texts goading us to give up. A deacon and I, working on a difficult case, recently received this text: "Give up...this can all be over" and then "I'm waiting. Tick tock."

One of our other priest-exorcists received a similar text from demons on another difficult case: "You won't succeed. Don't even try." In the midst of a third big case, a gifted lay team member also received a demonic text: "She is ours. Never shall she leave us. There's nothing you can do." In all three cases, the demons were pushing team members to give up.

We believe God responded with a heavenly sign: a "fire rainbow," appeared (is that an angel next to it?). These little signs encourage us and bolster our hope.

Hope, of the three theological virtues, is often forgotten. But in an exorcism, it is critical, particularly in the early stages. The demons taunt and tempt, telling you it won't work, they say they will never leave, and they mercilessly attack the possessed person and the Team. Despite conducting hours of exorcisms, there is initially little to no visible progress and the afflicted person often feels worse.

I suspect more than a few who are reading this have or are experiencing the temptation to give up. A voice in your head tells you that God has forgotten you; you cannot succeed; you might as well give up. This is the voice of Satan and it is a lie. The demons are desperate to have us give up because this is the ONLY way they can win. Don't give up the fight!

It is in such moments that we must trust in Jesus. Jesus has triumphed. Jesus will triumph. Satan has lost. Satan will lose once again. In an exorcism, we hold onto these eternal truths and press ahead. Join us in hope!


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