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Titles of Satan in the Rite of Exorcism

(Editor’s note: below are titles given to Satan in the Rite of Exorcism.  We have found that they are particularly efficacious when recited during an exorcism.  Satan finds them odious because they tell the ugly truth about who he has become.)

Inimíce fídei, (Enemy of the faith)

Hostis géneris humáni, (Foe of the human race)

Mortis addúctor, (Carrier of death)

Vitae raptor, (Robber of life)

Justítiae declinátor, (Shirker of justice)

Malórum radix, (Root of evil)

Fómes vitiórum, (Fomenter of vice)

Sedúctor hóminum, (Seducer of men)

Próditor géntium, (Traitor of the nations)

Incitátor invídiae, (Instigator of envy)

Orígo avarítiae, (Font of avarice)

Causa discórdiae, (Source of discord)

Excitátor dolórum, (Exciter of sorrows)

Transgréssor, (Transgressor)

Sedúctor plene omni dólo et fallácia, (Seducer full of deceit and lies)

Vírtus inimíce, (Enemy of virtue)

Innocéntium persecutor, (Persecutor of the innocent)

Dráco nequíssime, (Horrible dragon)

Princeps maledícti homicídii, (Prince of accursed murder)

Auctor incéstus, (Author of incest)

Sacrilegórum caput, (Leader of sacrilege)

Actiónum pessimárum magíster, (Teacher of all negative action)

Haereticórum doctor, (Teacher of heretics)

Totíus obscoenitátis inventor, (Inventor of every obscenity)

Ímpie, (Hateful one)

Scleráte, (Scourge)

Immúnde spiritus, (Unclean spirit)

Omnis satánica potéstas, (Every satanic power)

Omnis Incúrsio infernális adversárii, (Every assault of the infernal adversary)

Legio, congregátio et secta diabólica, (Legions congregations and diabolical sects)

Draco maledícte, (Evil dragon)

Légio diabólica, (Diabolical legion)

Invéntor et magíster omnis falláciae, (Inventor and teacher of every lie)

Hostis humánae salútis, (Enemy of Man’s salvation)

Prínceps huius mundi, (Prince of this world)

Deceptor humáni géneris, (Deceiver of the Human Race)

Vetus hóminis inimíce, (Ancient foe of mankind)

Pater mendácii, (Father of Lies)

Maledícte draco, (Evil Dragon)

Cállide sérpens, (Cunning serpent)

Omnis tenebrárum potéstas , (All you powers of darkness)

Vade Satanas! (Get thee Gone Satan!)

Titles of Satan in the Rite of Exorcism
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