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January 8th Online Deliverance Prayer Session

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January 8th  Online Deliverance Prayer Session
January 8th  Online Deliverance Prayer Session

Horario y ubicación

08 ene 2024, 19:00 – 20:00 GMT-5



Acerca del evento

We look forward to you joining our next St. Michael Center deliverance prayer webinar because God has been so generous to us in our previous sessions. After each online deliverance session, scores of participants have shared their personal experiences—below is a small sample of their recent testimonies. Once again, we witness how good God is to us all and how He wants to heal us. All glory to God!

+ Sample of Feedback from Nov 2023 Online Deliverance Session

Last night I had a physical healing. I had the loss of smell from having Covid 2 weeks ago. I wasn’t even thinking about it at all during the session but suddenly I smelled what I thought was perfume. I sniffed it again bc it was so nice. Then it hit me that I just smelled something! I also had a glass of wine next to me and I stuck my nose in the glass and sure enough, I smelled wine! I was stunned and said out loud to my kids, my smell just came back. I never expected this healing bc I was so used to not smelling. We have been given these gifts to share and use to grow His kingdom by telling others. Please share this with others and let’s grow the body of His church together! Thank you Jesus.

I have been attending these sessions since August 2022. Each month I see a little progress. So much muck within me especially pride and unforgiveness. I am on the road to recovery.

I felt an enormous amount of relief and peace like something had broken loose.

I just wanted to share how peaceful these sessions continue to be for me…I have still remained without suicidal thoughts for a few months now, and do not even wish to go there. Life is worth living! Thank you!

After the session, I feel very happy like I have come back from a great party with a lot of good friends. I am very calm during the session- I feel cared for and my blood pressure was the best I have ever seen….I prayed your last video daily and have made great strides in health and feeling loved by Jesus which has helped me forgive easily and in awe of God.

I have been praying for a long time but in this prayer I found a lot of joy.

When you mentioned the casting out the evil spirits of obsession I felt something in my head was loosened, like melting…

I have struggled with a lust addiction for 15 years and I feel like I am finally making a breakthrough.

What a wonderful experience. I cried tears of joy. I feel at peace since last night. I’m not scared anymore. Thank you so much.

That was fantastic. Oddly I always sleep fine after these. Otherwise I am up in the middle of the night constantly.

The anxiety, lethargy and infirmity I’ve been feeling went away after doing these prayers almost immediately. I am so thankful to God! Thank you so much for this ministry!

I felt that something left me. I felt something heavy on my shoulders left me. I feel light and happy now.

When it started I was feeling anxious but by the end I was peaceful. I will definitely rewatch the video. My wife is going to invite a friend.

I had a warmth coming from my heart. Felt lighter, not burdened down. Thank you!

I experienced a deep peace and renewed confidence in the Holy Trinity’s love for us. I particularly appreciate that my brothers and sisters throughout the world can come together for such a holy moment.

Staying in sanctifying grace was too difficult on my own so God sent you. So thanks be to God for [this] ministry.

There was a tangible sense of lightness and gratitude after this session.

I have been watching your online videos for about a year. There is no comparison between where I am now and where I was then. As you say, each session peels back another layer of the onion. I am much calmer. The Devil has backed off considerably. My prayer time is much deeper and more rewarding. To anyone just getting started with Deliverance Ministry: DON’T STOP. God will respond.

During the prayer “I am loved,” I welled up in tears; [and] I am now while writing this…These sessions have given me great hope.

The prayers are powerful and comforting.

Ever greater clarity about my Catholic faith…the clarity has led me to sharper surveying of what I need to confess. Thank you for these sessions.

Each time I feel lighter after. I notice that during the deliverance prayer from curses I get an all over tingling sensation. …with a greater feeling of peace in my heart.

I feel a stronger connection to my Catholic faith.

My experience was a beautiful one. I started crying nonstop from the healing of my generation. Towards the end I felt surprisingly light and calm. I felt peace.

Before the session I was experiencing severe backpain, pains about my body, depression, frustration and self-hatred …After the session I had a sense of calm and the body discomfort and back pain STOPPED.

Before the first session I attended in April…I was struggling with self-harm…from Borderline Personality Disorder, I wasn’t stable enough to even get through the day….I had lost all hope. I was truly in despair. This was my last ditch effort. I expected nothing. The next morning I woke up and I felt lighter…normal, as in pre-BPD normal. I didn’t want to kill myself. I didn’t want to scream. I didn’t want to die….Two deliverance sessions later, the BPD is gone. This told me that what I was experiencing was demonic related because otherwise the medicine and psychological efforts I have [been doing] should have worked… I’m so grateful to the St Michael Team for organizing this. Thank you.

During all the prayers I am mentally fighting against a running dialogue that ridicules the content of the prayers being said. By the end, the dialog ends and I feel peace. The next few days I feel joy and peace that lingers for many days afterwards.

Excellent, I have freedom in my soul.

Last night I felt like my body was radiating and tingling. I always feel lighter and have a good mood afterwards. You can feel the work being done.

I have struggled with using alcohol for an escape for years. I have participated in three deliverance sessions and gradually the desire to drink to escape has dwindled. I am grateful.

I had a spiritual experience when the financial curse and addiction were cast out. I had a sense of peace and the shame I had is gone….the anger is gone too. I will keep watching and getting closer to God.

After a year of regular attendance, I feel rested, and a joy that I haven’t felt in a long time. Please continue with these…

I have MS and it has impacted my mobiity…Today I’m ambulating a little easier. I hope it lasts for a while.

I struggle with debilitating fatigue…When Monsignor was praying he mentioned lethargy a few times and I felt something lift from me…I woke up this morning with an inner strength that I thought I’d lost and am praising Jesus ever since. I am from Ireland.

I’ve been struggling with anger and resentment…I felt such relief and freedom afterwards it was unbelievable.

Since I have been in the sessions I feel healthy and comfortable. I don’t feel alone or worried. I am from Spain. I feel the love of Jesus and peace. Thank you.

My heart is so swollen with love during the sessions. I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit within me. Thank you!

A great peace, a feeling of safety. I struggle with loneliness and feeling afraid. During the session I felt relaxed and safe.

I absolutely love and look forward to the sessions. I come away feeling very protected. I’m also praying for my children and their families to return to church.

During this prayer session, I was with a very debilitating flu…but I felt great peace and the flu was relieved.

I felt a peace and calm that usually comes from these prayers. Also, I received the first email from my son in 18 months. It was within the hour- like God called and he answered.

Just feel a sense of protection against evil.


I live in Italy. I attended the session from 1am to 2am. I didn’t feel particularly tired throughout the next day. At work I was so at peace and calm that a person even pointed it out to me. Besides my chronic lower back pain got so much better without taking any medication. Yesterday I was crying with pain. Today I can go about my day with only a minor ache. I feel so blessed. Praise be the Lord!

I feel joy and happiness in my chest. I feel healed and liberated, simply happy and grateful.

I suffer from endless obsessions. I woke up today and I’m free. The sadness, grief, and obsessive thoughts I’ve had day and night are gone!!! I feel 50lbs lighter! To God be the glory!

The “I am loved” prayer was so powerful. I am often brought to tears with the prayers. I can feel the love and joy of Jesus….

I noticed tears streaming down my face when Msgr. started to talk about how much each of us is loved.

Financial curses have been lifted. I found work and have been hired.

I couldn’t stop crying and felt very peaceful by the end. Thank you so much for these blessed gifts of cleansing.

I was smiling for what seemed the first time in a long time. Thank you.

I was very very sick when I started because of autoimmune disease. Now I feel so much better and have peace in my heart and am getting back to almost normal again!

It provided a great calmness, intentionality, and gratitude. Something I haven’t experienced in recent memory.

I have prayed every month with you, nearly a year, and have noticed I’m at peace at all times. I have no more anxiety, I’ve learned to forgive quicker and have acquired much more humility and grace.

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