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Online Deliverance Prayer Session

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Online Deliverance Prayer Session
Online Deliverance Prayer Session

Horario y ubicación

30 ene 2023, 19:00 – 20:00 GMT-5



Acerca del evento

We look forward to you joining our next St. Michael Center deliverance prayer webinar because God has been so generous to us in our previous sessions. After each online deliverance session, scores of participants have shared their personal experiences—below is a small sample of their testimonies. Once again, we witness how good God is to us all and how He wants to heal us. All glory to God!

"I want to thank God for being freed from anxiety and depression and for healing from arthritis in both knees. I also have a peace that passes all understanding especially when I pray! Thank you so much for your ministry!"

"I felt peace and a lessening of anxiety. I intend to continue attending sessions. May God bless your ministry."

"I had a physical reaction during the prayer to break freemasonic ties. I started coughing throughout the prayer and then the coughing was relieved during the Latin deliverance prayer. I love these sessions and look forward to the next one. Thank you and God bless this ministry."

"This was my third session. I have felt a difference in my life. There's some bondage affecting my family's happiness. But after attending these sessions there has been some peace. Thank you and your prayer group."

"At the end of freemason deliverance prayer, right before the long Latin section, I felt a choking sensation that almost made me reach for water to drink. I have peace and feel lighter right now. God bless all of you!"

"I was in tears when we prayed to forgive those who have damaged and hurt me. I felt a sense of forgiveness in my heart that I haven’t truly felt before. I want to keep that total forgiveness in my heart. I think in the past I have held on to the hurt and been tortured by it."

"I really needed this and very timely. I had been involved with the occult and freemasonry, which strangely led me here. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders finally.  Many spells ended up as total disasters and making my life more difficult. I look forward to attending the next session and telling my friends about this."

"I spontaneously cried and felt a sense of spiritual peace and deliverance."

"My wife who was suffering from mental depression was healed after attending the deliverance prayer. Same as my sister who was also healed in these sessions. The world really needs this. Thank you very much again and may the Good Lord protect you always. Will be seeing you again next month."

"I participated in the session and had tears streaming down my face in particular with regard to the generational healing. The work of the Center is an absolute blessing. I will continue to participate in these sessions, and thank you so much for making them available (as well as your app and this website)."

"During tonight's service, I felt a strength of faith that I haven't felt before. I don't quite know how to describe it except to say that I felt stronger as a person, like I had some kind of fortitude or inner strength to continue to persevere. Perhaps it was a feeling of reassurance that everything would eventually be alright."

"Thank you so much for your prayer service. It felt awesome. I literally felt lighter by the end and such joy in my heart. I can’t thank you enough!"

"I am feeling great joy for having participated in these prayers of deliverance. Many thanks and God willing, I want to participate in the next session."

"Thank you very much. I wanted to share that I was praying for the lifting of sadness and anxiety…I felt such a happiness inside that I hadn’t felt for a long time. After that session I kind of realized that I was smiling! Just a sort of lightness and unencumbered happiness…I can now feel the love of Jesus in my heart again! How can I thank you for this ministry?! It is amazing and I know that Jesus is amazing- truly. Praise be to Jesus and Mary and may God bless all of you and protect you always!"

"I have had very bad abusive experiences in the past and recently have been having these painful memories come back. They had made me become sad and heartbroken, making me question God and why this had to happen to me… During the Latin prayer, I experienced a deep sense of peace and felt Our Lady enveloping me with all her protection and love. Now I feel so at peace and know God was with me during my sufferings and is always with me, I know God hears me and sees me and cares for me when I am suffering from what happened to me. I also know Our Lady has always been protecting me. I gained so much from this prayer session, thank you."

"Tonight there was an increased sense of peace. In fact, with each session there is more peace and the sense that Our Lord cares about all the people participating."

"I had a deep, deep peace and inner healing."

"Experienced overflowing joy in my heart!"

"I felt at peace and light, and just blessed for having been able to participate. Will continue to do so. Thank you Lord."

"I felt somewhat lighter as if a burden had been lifted off me. I am overjoyed and spirit filled. God bless you all. Can't wait till the next session.

"At the deliverance session when the prayer for evil spirits was said, I asked to be delivered from the spirit of anxiety. As the prayer was ending, I felt a barely noticeable feeling of the faintest "something" silently, slowly moving through my body, upwards towards my head, leaving me. I realized that the anxiety was gone. Now, months later, it has not returned, even when I felt that a situation would be a cause for anxiety. Thank you for making this available to so many of us. My friend and I are sharing it with others!"

"Upon listening I felt immediately sense of relief, almost a tingling feeling in my arms then peace...calm, a sense of hope and closeness to God. He cares for me and wants me to come near to him and be healed...amazing and such a great grace."

"After the session I felt something lifted from a burden...and my pain was gone. It's been a month and I have been experiencing a renewed zeal and fervor in serving the Lord…like a second wind within my a block was removed. Thanks be to God!"

"For the first time in a long time, I've rested and slept more deeply. The theme in my dreams has changed from one of being trapped to one of freedom. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to attend."

"I have had special experiences of blessings and relief from obsessions with these wonderful Deliverance Prayers! I am so grateful. I cannot say thank you enough to our Lord Jesus and his servants. God bless the St. Michael Center."

"I began crying when you were praying for deliverance from anxiety. I felt such peace after your prayers. This was my 2nd time attending this beautiful deliverance session. I still need healing from anxiety… Today, I feel peace. I pray I was healed from some bondage, and that I can and will continue to heal. But certainly feel brighter today. Thank you for all you do. God bless you."

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