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Exorcist Diary #255: Ouch! Cut by Demons

[Our Lady of Guadalupe medal]

"L" has been liberated from a very ugly case of possession. But the demons still harass her from the outside. Demons are sore losers and hate to let go of even one soul they claimed. Perhaps it reminds them of their ultimate defeat, which is soon upon them.

Her father and L saved up some money to buy her a gold chain with a medal of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This image bears special importance for her since it was the Blessed Virgin, under her title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who was so instrumental in her liberation. In this miraculous image, Our Lady is shown crushing the serpent's head, which she certainly did in L's liberation. Ever since her liberation, the father is still getting demonic texts taunting him and saying, "We want her back."

He bought the medal, had it blessed, and planned to give to her the following day. Then the demons texted him, "You're not putting that chain on my "L" tomorrow. You won't dare!" The next day, there were more threats: "You won't give it to her today. [Expletive deleted] She won't make it alive to have you put that on her throat. She belongs to me."

The father and daughter went to Mass together. He placed the medal around her neck. As soon as they got into the car, she yelled, "Ouch!" A two-inch cut instantly and inexplicably appeared on her right leg. Then a threatening text came across his phone: "One day you [expletive deleted]. F.... you!"

It is interesting and important to note that, since she started wearing the Guadalupe medal around her neck, the amount of demonic harassment they have received has dramatically reduced. It has had a powerful effect!

There are several important takeaways from this incident. Some of which strike me are:

+Demons threaten all sorts of direct consequences but they are on a short leash by God. They could only give her a small cut, although they threatened to kill her.

+Demons can't stop you from doing holy things, although they will try.

+Demons curse constantly and use foul language including the "f" word. Obviously, we do not want to be like them and should not do so.

+Most importantly, this incident reminds us of the importance of using holy sacramentals, in this case, wearing a blessed medal. Most commonly people wear miraculous medals,* brown scapulars, crucifixes, Benedictine medals, and many others. A common practice among exorcists is: "If the demons hate it, do more of it!"

To those reading: if you don't wear one- why don't you purchase a holy medal of your choosing, have it blessed, and wear it?**


*I have worn a miraculous medal since childhood. I was privileged to visit the Daughters of Charity chapel in Paris where Sr. Catherine Laboure received the design for the medal directly from the Blessed Virgin.

**People typically wear medals that mean the most to them and have some personal significance. L wears the medal of Our Lady of Guadalupe since she was so instrumental in liberating L under this title.

***Our next online deliverance session is Monday, September 18th from 7-8pm Eastern USA time. Register at:


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