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Exorcist Diary #262: The Dark Fruits of Witchcraft

A man in his 30's self-referred for an exorcism. He confessed to having been involved with witchcraft for the past seven years. He started his own coven and was deeply into casting spells and magic. As I was praying over him, I was struck by the darkness, unhappiness, isolation and depressive mood he exuded. I mentioned it and he said knew it was the result of his involvement in the occult. He only came for a few exorcism sessions and then stopped. He was addicted to the feeling of power and control it gave him. He couldn't give it up.

Another former witch admitted that the practice led her into "despair, anger, emptiness, and the facade of having control."* She was able to stop and return to the Catholic faith. She realized that witchcraft promises results but never quite delivers. It tempts its practitioners with taking control of their lives and reaping great benefits, but it actually leads them further and further into the darkness.

We are praying over several people who have repented their previous lives in the occult and have returned to the faith. Not uncommonly, members of their former covens are cursing them and casting spells. Their former partners in the occult are now bent on making them suffer for leaving.

In discerning that which is truly right and wrong, a biblical adage is key: "By their fruits you will know them" (Mt 7:15). Witchcraft dangles tempting fruit in front of its practitioners but ultimately cannot deliver. Converted witches tell us that they were deceived by the illusion of power and control. Many began as "white" witches but this path led them into "black" witchcraft and further into evil.

Every day, I pray for the conversion of those practicing witchcraft and the occult. There is only one source of true joy and peace. May they find Jesus and be at peace.


*To read about the experiences of former occultists and their personal reflections, see Charles D. Fraune, "Slaying Dragons II: The Rise of the Occult." 2023.

**Register now! Our next online deliverance session is this Monday, Oct 16th at 7-8pm Eastern USA time. Register on our website or here. There were 18,000 who registered in September and the Lord abundantly blessed us. Here are a few of the feedback comments from participants:

Thank you so much. I and my husband did these prayers together. Very powerful.

I love these prayers, it's beautiful. It gives me peace in my soul.

The forgiveness prayer and prayer to eradicate generational spirits deeply touched me.

I came away with a growing sense of peace, confidence, and joy.

It's hard to explain the peace and lightness I feel immediately from these deliverance sessions. Thank you and God bless you always!

Thank you is not enough.With your deliverance sessions, my depression I have had since I was in my early 20s (I am now 49) has been more manageable since I have been joining your sessions.

It always feels like a weight is lifted during and after each session.

I have had severe self-hate and inferiority problems. After three times of your online exorcisms I no longer suffer. I even did a speech at a wedding without getting nervous. I know I am loved. Hallelujah!

I felt the anger that I had held onto for so long ebb away when we prayed for forgiveness for self and others.

I felt the Presence of God very strongly...knew this was the real deal. Thank you so much.

I felt great grace and peace. I also had tears of healing.

I always feel closer to God when I attend your session.

At some points, I just started to cry. And it actually felt like a weight was being taken off of me. It was very comforting, and I could feel very confident the love of God with me.


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